Group Therapy

NEW GROUP FORMING, the focus of which will be on issues around retirement and contemplation of retirement.  This group will be appropriate for women and men, ages 55+, who are in or near retirement.
Attention is usually given to the financial aspects of retirement while the psychological component is frequently overlooked or not fully recognized until the experience is in the present.  In a safe and supportive environment, the issues to be considered in this group will include:   
Identity shift; fantasies and fears that accompany the retirement phase of life; finding meaning, purpose and opportunity in new pursuits; how time is used; and the impact that this new lifestyle has on intimate and social relationships, e.g., spouse, children, other family members and friends.     
The group will meet weekly on Thursday afternoons for 20 sessions beginning in January.  The specific date and time are to be determined.

Please contact me for further information and to set up an initial consultation with me.