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No matter how hard a day I am having or what my biggest trouble is, I leave my session with Marisha feeling understood, comforted and supported which helps me to feel less anxious so that I can move in the direction in which I want to be moving. I find it easy to connect with Marisha becuase of her emotional availability.  She challenges me by asking a lot of questions that help me to think harder and explore my motivation on a deeper level.  I can better develop the insight I need in order to be focused and grow in the areas with which I struggle.  She also helps me to reflect on my own behavior and take action to change what I want to change.  I have gained clarity to see the bigger picture through my work with Marisha.  She helps me to work toward becoming the best version of myself that I know exists.  I have had many disappointments in my life and every session I have with Marisha gives me the hope and motivation I need to become a stronger individual.  


In my experience, Marisha Krupkin is intelligent, well-educated and trained, as well as experienced as a psychotherapist.  Moreover, she is kind, patient, caring, empathic and committed to the therapy process with the goal of the patients' overall wellbeing first.  I have gone through emotional trauma and significant loss in my life and felt stuck at various times.  Marisha has helped me to feel  more grounded and stabilized, better able to navigate the difficult times with a stronger sense of myself and a more even temperament.  I can now  accept uncertainty, a reality of life, believing that  my world will not fall apart.  I can better direct my emotions and my life with firmer boundaries and greater control.  I have experienced significant growth through my work with Marisha and reached an emotional place that I never imagined I could reach.


My weekly session with Marisha feels like a breath of fresh air.  I go in with a million thoughts running through my head and I leave feeling refreshed.  Literally, I leave breathing more easily.  She is a great listener and offers just the right amount of insight -- without telling me exactly what to do or how to think, she gets me to get there on my own, which I really appreciate.